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The Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired DBVI, has maintained a long-standing state-wide program in vision rehabilitation. The program is community based, and available to all Virginia residents meeting specified criteria of reduced vision. Patients may be referred to DBVI, or they may contact DBVI directly. Eligible patients are then assigned a vision rehabilitation specialist who evaluates the patient’s visual needs in their home, school, or workplace. The patient and the specialist take this information to an examination with a DBVI optometrist low vision examiner in their home area. The patient’s vision rehabilitation specialist is always present during the exam to give and receive guidance from this optometrist, who then prescribes low vision aids for trial in the home or work environment. These aids are then loaned to the patient while they determine their usefulness. The patient is trained by the rehabilitation specialist to use these aids before deciding what to keep and what to return. This service and the optometric low vision exam are provided by DBVI as a covered benefit to you. Those vision aids that prove useful are then provided at cost. This can save the patient hundreds of dollars in product markup fees. In addition, those patients with significant financial need may receive low vision aids at NO COST. To find out if you are eligible for these services, contact:

DBVI Richmond Regional Office

(Serving 29 counties in central Virginia)

397 Azalea Avenue

Richmond, VA 23227

(804) 371-3353